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Ancestry DNA Results- Is it Worth It?

Finding out your ethnic background has been quite popular in recent years with DNA results videos circulating all over Youtube. It even made me wonder if I should try it out as well. I mean, at first I was apprehensive, thinking 'what would they do with my DNA etc..' however I'm pretty sure that if some higher institution wanted DNA samples of people they could just go to the hospital or something.

Anyway, back to my quest to finding my ethnic background. It all started when I started looking into the history of my ancestors who just call themselves 'Moroccans'. However, Moroccans or North African's even are really a mix of Arab, Berber and European ancestry just through history alone, so I wanted to find out if I was actually Moroccan (as in, I had a Berber ethnic background) or Arab.

So I started with researching the different DNA tests available and to be honest I just wanted something simple that showed where I came from on a map and had some information about my ancestry. Whilst watching so many comparison videos, I ended up getting the Ancestry DNA test because, well to be honest they had a good deal during Christmas for around £79 plus shipping.

So first off, you receive a box with information on how to send off your DNA, which includes a tube and a pre-paid envelope.

Ancestry DNA BoxAncestry DNA Tube

You then register online, spit in the tube and send it off. Then the wait begins, for me it took up to 8 weeks because I'm guessing it was a busy period during that time of year. You then get an email saying your results have arrived and viola! Who you are ethnicity-wise, is placed nicely on the screen with a range of information on the percentages, the possible countries your ancestors could be from and even the comparison to natives in the specific regions.


For me my results were quite interesting as in I had some west african percentages that I didn't expect but all-in-all I think it was interesting to find that I was more african than Arab when I thought it was the other way around.

Is it Worth It?

I think getting your ethnic background is only worth it if you are really into the history of your ethnic background and you have questions that need to be answered. But if you know your ancestry, I don't see the point because it can feel quite underwhelming when the results are exactly what you expect. However, on the flip side, you could be surprised and gain more questions if your results come back completely random.

Have you taken a test for your ethnic background, what did you get and what do you think of the popularity of these tests? Comment Below!


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