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Origins of the Moroccan leather bag| Hanayat

I would assume one of the most selling products in Marrakech would be leather accessories just by the vast majority of shops selling them all across Morocco. I have noticed this the minute I entered the souks of Marrakech so, I wanted to know how these bags and accessories were made. We went to see the tanneries where we were told of the process of making these gorgeous leather bags. Through seeing previous reviews of the tanneries, a lot of people said the smell was unbearable. However, it was not that bad and you are given a batch of mint which smelt amazing to sniff to mask the smell. 

The process of making the leather started with getting rid of all the hair and debris to get a smooth finish. From that the leather is then put into a mixture including bird poop (yes you read that right) to surprisingly disinfect and prepare for dying the leather. 
Leather piled up around the colour pools ready for dying.

In this tannery you are guided through the processes where they then dye each piece in these colourful pools of coloured dye and taken to small rooms around the dyeing pools for making the product which is my favourite part. Here you can see how they soften the leather as well as prepare it in the shape ready to be designed and created. The leather  then is transported to craftsman to create interior decor, satchel bags and backpacks as well as other accessories you can find in the Medina and neighbouring shops near the Tannery.

The small rooms with yellow doors are where the leather is int he final process of preparing it to be made into different pieces.

Colourful leather seats for interior decor.

The leather creates a range of accessories such as belts, purses and keychains.

If you are contemplating visiting the Marrakech tanneries, I highly recommend you do. One thing I love learning about whilst traveling is how the locals create such beautiful creative pieces. It was really interesting learning and seeing the process behind the scenes as to how these items are made. The same goes with creating Moroccan house decor such as tables, chairs and carpets that are heavily embellished with designs. Just by walking by these shops in the souks and Medina near the Moussine neighbourhood you can uncover and appreciate the true craftsmanship behind Morocco's decor.

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