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The Secret Power of Chia Seeds During Ramadan | Hanayat

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There are many ingredients that can be used for different benefits in juicing so read on to find out the secret power of chia seeds in juices during Ramadan. 
Chia seeds have taken over the supermarkets and if you haven’t heard of them by now you will be intrigued on the benefit these have on our bodies particularly during Ramadan. The tiny seeds have been used for centuries with a reputation in 3500bc for their ‘supernatural’ properties. They have been a staple food for Aztecs and now are making the comeback as a ‘superfood’ and a versatile accompaniment to everything, including adding to the benefits of juicing. 

History of Chia Seeds 

Hailing from Mexico and South America, these white & black seeds were derived from the Salvia Hispanica plant. The Aztecs first used chia seeds in a variety of ways from medicinal purposes due to their high nutritional value to mixing them in liquids and foods as well as using them to provide energy boosts on long journeys. 

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds 

It does sound too good to be true but these seeds boast an array of health benefits that can aid weight management, be a source of energy, hydration and aid the immune system. 
 Chia seeds hold 5 times more calcium than milk, 23% protein and eight times more Omega 3 than salmon meaning that they are a great source of energy as well as providing the needed vitamins such as iron, zinc, potassium, folate and copper to the body, helping the immune system. 

They are also cholesterol and gluten free which is a great alternative for those who are avoiding wheat and gluten or watching their cholesterol without sacrificing their fiber intake. All these properties are the main components we look for after breaking our fast or even for suhoor
to keep healthy during this blessed month. They can be eaten in many ways however, to get more hydration and nutrients, especially during the summer, juices are the best way to gain the benefits but also have a tasty treat.
Chia Seeds in Juicing 

If I can't get a meal in time for suhoor just because I aim to drink as much water or juices to get the most amount of nutrients for the day ahead, by adding chia seeds that are high in fiber this will keep you satisfied for longer helping the body be hydrated and energised during fasting. 
Juicing has quickly become the easiest way to detox and nourish your body, so adding chia seeds would add to the nourishment value. Chia seeds soaked in the juice for 15 minutes will plump up and assist in the absorption of nutrients allowing your body to get more nutrients effectively. Not only is this easy to do but extremely great for getting the maximum effect of your juices whether you want to have radiant skin or even a natural energy boost in your day. 

Hope you enjoyed this post & Happy Ramadan!


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