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4 Modest Style Bloggers to Inspire your Eid Wardrobe | Hanayat

Are you stuck in a style rut in preparation for Eid? Well, don’t look for inspiration through a fashion magazine, it’s all about Instagram fashion bloggers. Here are four modest fashion bloggers that I'm loving with different senses of style to inspire your Eid wardrobe.

Fashion with Faith
Imane from Fashion with Faith is a Moroccan blogger from Stockholm who takes a minimalist approach to style with simple yet dynamic colour palates and cuts to her outfits. For a simple look that makes an impact, Fashion with Faith gives enough inspiration on how to rock an all-white outfit and monochrome colour schemes beautifully.

Dina Tokio
Known for her eccentric fashion sense paired with her bold looks Dina Tokio style is a treasure chest of ideas, from casual chic as she would call it to bold dynamic outfits, Dina highlights ethnic influences from around the globe in her style as well as in her designs. If you need a wardrobe revamp and a style change there is an abundance of inspiration in her YouTube videos, Instagram and her fashion collection.

Ascia from The Hybrids
Ascia from the Hybrids is an American-Kuwaiti blogger from the Middle East. With over a million followers on her Instagram and various different collaborations with regional Middle Eastern brands and designers, Ascia is a style powerhouse for modest fashion. Her looks are elegant and bold with the latest trends; she mixes designs with different textures and shapes in her outfits leaving you guessing as to what her next outfit will be. Her recent collaboration with Rima Fashion and a range of designers in the Middle East are a best way to literally get her style as well as be inspired by, it if you are looking for a bold, confidence boost in your wardrobe.

Summer Albarcha

Summer Albarcha knows the definition of casual chic where most of her outfits are trendy yet casual. To amp up your day-to-day eid look, if you want to add to your wardrobe rather than change it completely check out Summer Albarcha’s Instagram for an array of daily OOTD inspiration.


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