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DIY Festival Inspired Boho Bracelets | Hanayat

Coachella has come and gone and festival season is upon us. Here is a quick DIY on how to make these stackable string and bead bracelets or even update your old jewellery for a bohemian transition from spring to summer.

What you need:

Elasticated string
Wool string
Bracelet clasps and loops

1. Measure elasticated string around your wrist, add a few centimetres extras then double that length and fold in half to create a strong bracelet base.

2. Thread the needle through to the middle of the halved string and knot the lose ends so you would end up with a needle two strings and a knot at the end.

3. Thread the beads through the needle and stop until you have around 5-8 beads depending on the string to bead ratio you want.

4. Then get the wool string, tie it around the base of where the beads ended so they are secure in their place. Flatten out any loose string alongside the elasticated string and start wrapping the string around the bracelet until you get a thick design.

5. Continue until it is the length and thickness of the beads.

6. Continue adding more beads and string to any design you like and at the end you can tie a knot to finish it off or if you want add a clasp by tying the string around it.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, what are your favourite accessories for the summer?



  1. I love them - I really should give it a try myself xx

    1. Thanks Gemma!! :) Yeah they're a great way to kill time on a Sunday haha

  2. The intro to the video was so cute, and I love this idea!
    Especially that whatever kind of bracelet you create will be totally unique to you ^_^

    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x


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