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5 ways to beat the sales- Fashion For Less | Hanayat

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There's only one thing better than shopping and that's shopping on sale, now I'm not saying we have to all be extremely frugal but no matter the circumstances, if you intended to buy designer shoes for the retail price and find them reduced that just makes shopping a little bit better.

Here are 5 ways to bag yourself that deal and look good for less all year round.

Seasonal Sales
1. Know the seasonal sales and be ready to look through online first then order in the store so the good stuff doesn't run out. Also when a new season comes out in stores I have noticed that some new products are discounted for a short period of time then put back on full price so if you want to get the newest trend for less this is a good way to do so.

Outlet Stores
2. Go to outlet stores or shopping centres, Wembley outlet shopping centre or Aldo outlet in Camden are some of many. You will find a lot of outlet stores in your area or city with a bit of research. Some outlet stores don't have dressing rooms so if the place is far from home you can try on the clothes in another fitting room in a different shop or the toilets and return it straight away. They also allow full refunds in any shop nationwide so check if that particular store would do so.

3. To add quirky pieces to you outfit look for thrift sales where everything is for a pound mostly around east London or even in your local areas and you can find some edgy basics like a denim jacket for a cheap price.

Do It Yourself
4. In relation to the previous point, don't be afraid to get stuck into some DIY to tailor some pieces that have potential into something unique suited for yourself. A lot of the time I fall into the trap of seeing a beautiful dress to then find it's a romper so on some occasions what I would do is just tailor pieces that have the potential. You can do this yourself and get stuck in some DIY or go to a tailors because if you buy something vintage or cheap doing that and going to a tailor may be cheaper than buying something not perfect for you and at full price.

Exclusive access
5. Look around your local area for fashion PR agencies or small companies that occasionally hold sample sales where items that are worth hundreds are sold for a fraction of the price. Most recently one sample sale I went to was selling a pair of shoes worth over 400 pounds for only 2 pounds. The catch is that it's an old season of shoes but still they looked nice so ain't no one gonna tell me that isn't a good deal. To find out where they are and when they are held call a few agencies up or look on their social media same goes for small local companies also.

Hope you enjoyed this post & Happy Shopping


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