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Every time bank holiday weekend comes around, its that time of year where my mind is dreaming about the summer yet I don't feel like going on holiday just for a weekend so I always look for close by towns that have a beach, be it Cornwall, Portsmouth or Brighton.

Because Brighton is the closest to London and extremely easy to book last minute via train, it has been a bank holiday destination of mine for years. So here are my tips on how to enjoy the perfect weekend or day in Brighton.

Where to eat-
I love to get their as early as possible to see the town without a lot of people and to enjoy that seaside air as I explore. One of my face spots to eat breakfast if you do arrive early is Foodillic located on 60 North Street, they have an array of breakfasts from Eggs Benedict (pictured below) to oatmeal and muesli and also for later in the day a healthy salad buffet and vegan options as well. I also decided to try their feuilette pastries which I would say the salmon and spinach one is quite overwhelming in taste however, I would definitely recommend the Salmon Eggs Benedict.

Salmon Eggs Benedict
After exploring the twists and bends of the lanes I would recommend heading down to the seafront where you can enjoy fresh fish by the beach or even head to the Marina after lunch to have afternoon tea at The Parlour where you can people watch as you enjoy your tea or if you want dessert they have from my sisters' recommendation "the best waffles ever".

Where to Visit-

I love to start off with the Lanes as they are close to the station. The Lanes are filled with unique shops where you can find little souvenirs, great clothing for yourself and even your dog so it's a nice place to spend part of the day wandering through. I then walk from their towards The Royal Pavillion where you can enjoy the park and relax or go inside to learn more about it's history.

Despite these beautiful places in Brighton my favourite thing to do is catch the small rail train by Brighton Pier which takes you alongside the whole beach towards the Marina. For me it's the best way to end the day with after exploring the Marina by getting the train back as the sun sets and watch it pass by and just chilling at the beach.

What are your favourite things to do in Brighton if you have been? What are your top Bank Holiday weekend trips to go to?



  1. Beautiful images. The food looks splendid also.



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